October 22, 2018

Diana Chester, granddaughter of one of the mosque's founding members, is embarking on several ambitious projects. This link is her "sound map" where she has been able to record a call to prayer from dozens of locations around the world which illustrate the amazing similarities and beautiful uniqueness each culture brings. This collection includes two recordings by Ryan Schuessler from the Tatar Heritage Tour this past September.

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October 12, 2018

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The Tatar Trail is a cult route that every tourist arriving in Podlasie wants to see . Podlaski Orient fascinates and gives a sense of communication difficult to describe with the glorious past of the multicultural Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. As a guide I constantly circulate between Sokółka, Bohoniki, Kruszyniany and Supraśl. However, this year was special. I had the honor to accompany and organize the stay of an extraordinary group! In September, the descendants of Tatars came to Europe, who left their homeland in the early twentieth century. It was an amazing experience - to be a witness of emotions, to observe the authentic community, to see how strong ties connect people with the distant past ... Courtesy of Ryan L. Schuessler- an American journalist who accompanied the group, I can present a unique gallery documenting "Tatar's Heritage Trip" (in a loose translation: a journey to Tatar...

September 21, 2018

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On Wednesday, September 19, miracles took place on the outskirts of Ivia. Right in the middle of Sovetskaya Street, families were reunited, which due to life circumstances were separated many decades ago. No pathos and red tracks - on the dusty road people were embracing, who had never been seen before, close relatives who had been looking for each other for a long time.

Left to earn extra money, stayed - forever

Just over a hundred years ago, part of the Belarusian Tatars headed in search of a better life towards America. Many were planning to just make money and return home, but it turned out differently. They thought that they were going to the ocean for a while, but remained there forever. There were among those who left their homeland, and the Iviev Tatars. In a small place, however, as in other Belarusian cities, life was difficult at that time. So migrant workers went overseas, leaving children, spouses, brothers and sisters in Belar...

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