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Part 3 Is Here!

The Long-Awaited 3rd installment of Brad Barker and Jack Bosch's YouTube docuseries has been released! The Lipka Tatar Heritage Series entitled, "Coming to America" is the final episode to document our six-hundred-year history. Of course, it is not a complete rendition given the time covered, limited availability of English written materials and political preference and control of countries involved. The goal of our series was to document and record our Lipka heritage leading to the migration to the United States in the early 1900’s. On a global scale, Lipka Tatars are still impacted by today’s events in Ukraine and "PLB" as national borders once again come into contention. Sadly, it continues with the same Russian perpetrator.

Please take a moment with us to congratulate Brad and Jack on this monumental project and thank them for the time, research, and passion they brought to each video!


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