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A Little Piece of History

I love being the caretaker of this old mosque because every now and then I'll be cleaning and get distracted by our treasure trove of historic documents. Yesterday, I saw meeting minutes from December 21, 1930, in which the board decided to purchase the buildings at 104-108 Powers Street in Brooklyn. A seemingly huge decision nonchalantly summed up in one paragraph. Is it a Tatar thing to get straight to the point?

"The meeting decided to buy the place on Powers St. near Leonard St.The men appointed for this purpose with full power are Mike (unclear), Tom Murofsky, Sam (unclear), Yakub Gambitsky, Sam Gambitsky, Sam Rufalowich. If this place is bought, it will be necessary to raise the dues $.25a week or $1 per month. The increase of dues to go in effect on March 22, 1931."


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