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New Old Articles Uncovered

Journalist Ryan Schuessler, who documented the Tatar Heritage Trip in 2018, recently discovered several never before seen articles that mention the mosque. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York Times, and Greenpoint Weekly Star all wrote of holiday feasts and celebrations.

Most interesting, was the mention of where the "Mohammedans" prayed in 1930, as that was a year before the organization purchased the building on Powers St. The meeting minutes that are kept in the mosque office allude to locations on Leonard Street and Bushwick Avenue, but until this article was discovered, we did not know where services were held exactly. The New York Time article names the Royal Palace Hall, a catering hall located at 18 Manhattan Avenue. Unfortunately that establishment no longer stands but it would have been a short 15 minute walk from where the mosque stands today.

Interestingly, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle covered the same Kurban Bayram service but they estimated there were 200 attendants, while the New York Times estimated there to be 700, a mere 500 attendant difference.

We are very appreciative of Ryan for sharing these articles.

To view the articles, click our In The Press section.


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