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Working with the New York Landmarks Conservancy

For two years we have participated in the New York Landmark Conservancy's Sacred Sites project which highlights historic religious structures around New York City. Typically, this is celebrated over a weekend in the spring when dozens of houses of worship open their doors to all guests and give talks, tours and other demonstrations to showcase their cultural significance. This is all done in the hopes of broadening horizons and encouraging interfaith communication and appreciation.

However, nothing about 2020 is typical so this year the Sacred Sites weekend will be held virtually with our mosque being showcased on THURSDAY, AUGUST 27 AT 1:00 PM. Conservancy President Peg Breen will narrate a presentation, showing images of the mosque and 11 other sites of multiple faith traditions, periods, and styles from around the city and state. After she shows images and gives some history about each site, Peg will pause and invite comment from a representative of the mosque. Alyssa Haughwout will speak on behalf of the mosque and field questions from participants. We would love for you to join and will share participation information as it becomes available.

For the full description of our mosque that is shared on the New York Landmarks Conservancy, click here.

To join this event online, register HERE. Registration is free and unlimited.

It is important to note that at this time, no mosque is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. That is about to be remedied, as the state historic preservation office is currently reviewing the nomination of New York City’s oldest standing mosque, the Moslem Mosque Inc! We have worked with the Brooklyn Historical Society and NY Landmarks Conservancy to understand the best way to approach landmark status that fits our needs and honors our history. As members of the National Register (as opposed to other types of landmark status), we would have the flexibility to update the building when and how we want, while opening the door to thousands of dollars for grant opportunities. We have been very fortunate to have volunteers (Claire Cancilla and Glenn Unger) write our application for us and shows great interest and motivation to have us listed as the first mosque to be listed as a historical site.


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